Introducing Fair Oak Resources

Fair Oak Resources is dedicated to helping the banking community and all other financial institutions that provide funding for the acquisition of commercial assets to the business and investor communities. Fair Oak Resources matches Buyers and Sellers of distressed Commercial assets. We are the favored resource to find buyers for those types of assets when they fall into the arena of OREO or distressed properties that the bank or financial institution needs to find a buyer for.

We provide marketing assistance which enlarges the pool of interested buyers. We can evaluate and understand the reasons why these properties are distressed. Our successful buyer/investors know how to refurbish, re-lease, or re-purpose a property. To them, these assets are opportunities.

We know our buyers, have qualified them, and know exactly what they want.

Our job is to connect these buyers with our sellers through their listing Broker if they have already engaged one. If not, we have experienced Commercial Real Estate Brokers on the Fair Oak Resources team. We make the introductions, facilitate communication, get questions answered, and oversee the entire process.

We do not charge Seller/Owners for our services as we are compensated through our relationships with the Listing Brokers.

Whether you are a buyer or a seller, we can help you.

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Why wait? Fair Oak Resources is ready to help you find the property you want or to sell the property you don’t.  Please Contact Us to begin our relationship.

To receive updates on new properties in our portfolio or to inform us of the properties you seek, please Contact Us.  We look forward to serving you.

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Fair Oak Resources Mission and Vision

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