Fair Oak Resources assists successful investors and those who advise them identify and acquire special opportunities. From our portfolio, buyer/investors will find reasonably-priced properties owned by willing sellers.

Fair Oak deals only in distressed commercial properties. For current listings by type of commercial property, see Properties. We do not include single-family homes in our portfolio.

We know our buyers are active and have limited time to look for properties. Each client tells us what they want in a targeted property . . . its type, location, cost, and other essential details.

We then search our inventory of properties or contact our extensive list of sellers to find the right property the buyer/investor seeks.

Working with our sellers and listing brokers, we answer the buyer’s questions about the property. We provide the most recent appraisal, property tax, and detailed property description, including photos. 

If the property is occupied, we include current and potential cash flow and income statements.

When the buyer/investor is ready, we introduce the broker and become the quarterback for the ongoing process, making sure phone calls and emails are answered. We work with the client’s own support staff, including the accountant, attorney, and financial advisor.

There is no cost to the Buyer/Investors for our services, as we are compensated through our relationships with the listing brokers.

Can we help you find the property you want? Please contact us.

Comprehensive Services

Fair Oak Resources serves the following types of Buyers:


Property Managers

Investors and Other Buyers

Fair Oak Can Help You…
  • Identify commercial properties meeting your investment criteria
  • Provide information and answers to your questions
  • Arrange on-site inspections
  • Introduce property managers and other local support
  • Oversee all steps to closing
  • Provide these services at no additional charge to the buyer
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