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We founded Fair Oak Resources initially to help you identify and acquire overlooked or undiscovered distressed commercial assets.

We realize, though, that you may also be a seller and that your commercial properties may be of interest to our buyers.

Just as with our bank-owned assets, we can expand the market for the commercial properties you wish to sell.

If you have already worked with us as a buyer, you know that we connect sellers and their listing brokers to our qualified buyers.  We foster communication, forward information, and oversee the entire process of selling the property.

Other benefits accrued when working with Fair Oak Resources. We…

  • Maintain confidentiality if you wish to do so
  • Save you time and money as you search for the right buyer
  • Eliminate your having to deal with unqualified buyers
  • Get the best possible offer and price for your commercial property
  • Increase your productivity on other important projects

NOTE:  We do not charge a special fee for our service. We will be compensated from a share of the selling commission.

To get on our mailing list for service updates or request more information, please complete and submit our contact form.  We look forward to serving you.

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