We founded Fair Oak Resources to help banks and others sell their distressed commercial assets.   We also work closely with buyer/investors who consider a wide range of commercial properties.

You and your clients may have just what these buyers are seeking. They look to us to find retail, industrial, and other commercial properties, including certain parcels of vacant land and multi-family housing units.

Because of their interests, we do not currently assist with single-family, residential properties.

And, please always remember that we can also help your clients and you find an additional property to purchase and manage.

Other benefits accrued when working with Fair Oak Resources. We…

  • Maintain confidentiality
  • Save you time, money, and effort when trying to sell one of your commercial properties
  • Present you with qualified buyers
  • Get the best possible offer and price
  • Free you to work on other pressing matters

NOTE: We do not charge a special fee for our service. We will be compensated from a share of the selling commission.

To get on our mailing list for service updates or to request more information, please complete and return our contact form. We look forward to serving you.

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