Fair Oak Resources works with banks and financial institutions having distressed OREO and others owning slow-moving commercial real estate. We market these properties to interested buyers drawn from targeted and wider geographic areas. We also have relationships with valuation firms and alternative funding sources that can assist buyers and sellers close the sale.

We focus upon industrial, motel/hotel, office, retail, storage/warehouse, and other commercial properties, including certain tracts of vacant land and multi-family/student housing.

Please note: because our buyers and investors are interested in commercial properties, we do not currently work with single-family, residential properties.

Fair Oak Resources does not seek the exclusive listing for your property. We assist your local broker, presenting the brokerage with buyers, and together we work to make the sale.
We know these properties are often challenging to sell. Some are distressed only because of mismanagement. Our buyers are successful investors seeking opportunities, and your property could meet their needs.
We do not charge Seller/Owners for our services. We are compensated through our relationships with the Listing Brokers.
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Property Managers

Fair Oak Resources Can Help You…
  • Accelerate your marketing effort for these properties.
  • Expand the market by presenting these opportunities to those who might not otherwise know of them.
  • Ensure that these properties are being worked. Because of the inherent challenge associated with troubled assets, efforts can wane.
  • Suggest enhancements that might be needed to increase the likelihood of a sale.
  • Do all of this for no additional charge. (We are compensated through our relationships with our assisting Partners.)
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